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Workshops & Private Sessions

It’s All About Divine intimate Relationships – Bliss and Passion for Christ and Each Other

Divine relationships, ordained by God, still need time, attention, nurturing, wisdom keys, skills, and an ever increasing depth of Intimacy with Christ to be successful.

We are passionate about helping people learn to develop deeper, loving, flourishing, Christ centred and Spirit led relationships with higher levels of Bliss.

As an ordained minister, psychologist, with experience having helped people in the field of Love, Intimacy and Sexuality growth, we offer you encouragement and ministry support to make a difference with your potential partner or in your existing relationship.

How we can help you …

We offer a variety of Workshops from a short taster evening sessions, afternoon or whole day workshops to a full residential weekend workshops* Most workshops, except for the residential weekend workshops*, are for everyone: singles, individuals or couples.

Churches and Ministries host the meetings and workshops for their people and guests.

The foundation of all workshops is a time of worship and entering into the intimacy with the Lord. We can only truly flow and flourish in relationships with each other if we honour the source of all love, Love Himself!

It is also a time to slow down from our busy schedule, exhale, behold and connect.

You’ll discover out how to relate from your heart more effectively, explore some essentials of Intimacy, and gain wisdom keys, communication skills and confidence.

It will be fun, active, yet safe, supportive and structured. We always respect your choice as to your own personal pace and involvement level.

We encourage people of all ages and stages of relationship to participate.

For more information and how your church or ministry can host the meetings and workshops, PLEASE CLICK HERE to email us

*The residential weekend of the Level 1 workshop: “Pathways to Divine Relationship Intimacy for Couples” is currently not available.

We also offer Private Sessions:

Phone Sessions (Internet Phone)

An initial, exploratory phone session is 55 minutes. A suggested donation from £35

Regular phone sessions for individuals or couples are generally 55 minutes in duration. A suggested donation from Cost £75

In-person sessions

For individuals (currently LADIES ONLY!), a minimum 1 hour, 25 minute session is recommended.
A suggested donation from £75, plus travel expenses if needed.

For couples, we propose a 2 hour session. A suggested donation from £120, plus travel expenses if needed.

For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE to email us


For Donations, please click here

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