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The Secret Place of His Intimate Presence – Face to Face with God

Friday, 27 June,2008

When we come into His intimate presence He does not want us to do anything other than receive.

There is a place and need for activity, but in the Secret Place of His Intimacy, He wants us to come and *be* – just ‘be’ in His intimate presence.

Think about Mary and how she just sat there at the feet of Jesus.

What do you do when you sit at the feet of Jesus? You listen and hear what He is saying.

“In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

There is something about the secret place, the quiet place. Some of the most impacting moments of transformation visitations of the Lord happen when you just say to God, “I’m here to ‘be’.”

God said, “Be still, and know …”

Sometimes the greatest revelation comes when we are still. “Be still and know that I am God.”

There is a place for all kinds of prayer, spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, heavenly courtroom petition prayer, etc. they are all vitally important.

Then there are different types of prayer that happen in diverse spaces, such as the prayers in the Outer Court, or the Inner Court or Holy Place, and then there is the transition into the Holy of Holies.

A lot of people, how they live, they move form Outer Court to Holy Place, and back to the Outer Court, they never really make it to the Holy of Holies.

Real prayer begins when you have nothing else to pray about. Real prayer does not begin until the presence of God is so thick; all you can do is ‘be’. The presence of God is so overwhelming; all you can do is gaze into the face of Jesus and behold the beauty of Jesus.

The presence of God is so overwhelming, all you can do is lay on the floor, and like a sponge soak up the presence of God, soak up the anointing.

In His Love,

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God bless!

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  1. Saturday, 9 January,2010 8:51 pm

    I am a 34yrs single african brother and born again

    I have of recent heared a lot about intimacy with God and I fell in love with the idea and that has let me to look closely to every thing that has to do with the subject.

    The main thing I like the most in this intimacy thing is gitting the closest I can be to God so as to know His perfect will for my life, meaning letting Him be a part of every thing that goes on in my life and I mean every thing.
    I have relised amongst other things that the level of divorce in the body of Christ has become like ” the in thing” its so high is scary and sad. to me, the thought of getting married for any reason and end up in deverce just tears me up inside.

    I have read the article on GETTING ONES LIFE PARTNER and having God to unite the two whom will now become one.

    I desire to get married to the right partner and live a productive life for us and the kingdom of God to the very best of our abilities…

    thank you for the material you have on this website, I personally value it very much, if there is any thing at all that I need to know or do, please help, advice, pray with me to have the intimate life with God and be all that He has made me to become.

    kind regards


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