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Diabetes and Potency

Monday, 29 June,2009

Let me say this right off the bat; I am neither a nutritionist nor a urologist, I am a psychologist. However I have had decades of interest and studying some nutrition, and have a science background. Not only do I have two science degrees, but I also grew up in a home where my father was a scientist and my mother a pharmacist. With that in mind I am going to share with you some highlights from a client, let’s call him, Peter, who trusted me enough to let me work with him on those issues, and as a result got his blood sugar levels near to normal and is enjoying a satisfying love life.

Peter has been

Red smoothie - 50%

a diabetic for years and is on medication (metformin), rather than insulin injections. Peter is also a businessman who travels internationally, holding crucial organisational meetings with decision makers either in boardrooms or in hotel bars, and generally living a stressful life where he used abuse his body eating airline, hotel, and other convenience foods.

When he was diagnosed with diabetes, he tried to watch his food. He reported back that his love-life with his wife started to fluctuate, sometimes the potency was ok, and at other times it certainly was not and he knew he was going down the impotency trail.

Know your own body!

There is something I find amazing with most people who are diabetic. They take their meds; go for their monthly or any other regular blood sugar check-ups, and try to be ‘good’ especially the days before the doctor’s appointments. Meanwhile their libido goes downhill.

If it is a man, quite often the times he has intercourse with his wife will become more infrequent. It’s an odd age, either she is glad that the ‘raging beast’ finally gives her peace, or she has come to a point that she now wants it more and, frustratingly, he is now not interested ….. Ok that is another subject I will deal elsewhere, as it has both psychological and medical implications.

Going back to diabetes and impotency, it is not enough to just go for regular doctor’s appointments!

Let’s say, if a man goes for his monthly check-ups. The day he has his blood sugar levels checked, he may have been very ‘good’ and the results are acceptable to the doctor. What this man does not realise is that during that month the blood sugar levels can fluctuate dramatically, and during the ‘unknown’ high times, a lot of damage is done. So, on the day of the appointment it appears to be fine, when actually it isn’t!

So, the serious minded man will do three things to get to know his own body:

1.    Study his body

2.    Get regular exercises

3.    Check his potency as often as possible (a willing wife is helpful with this …. but then I will be shall sharing more on how to make your wife feel oh so good, she will be asking for more).

Let’s look at point 1.

All food is not created equal. Your body is unique and will metabolise foods uniquely differently to other people, although, certain principles apply across the board.

You are also a package deal in terms of what stresses you negatively, may invigorate someone else. Negative stress also increases the blood sugar levels, as do anxiety, anger, frustration  …. and argument with the spouse, uncertain business deals, etc.

It’s time to log everything about you and study your own body like if it was a laboratory rat! Seriously, NO JOKE!!

Get yourself a blood sugar testing kit, one that gets you to test all your finger tips (well, you would not want to prick he same finger several times a day?!).

For the intensive testing period, stick with a plain food menu that is repeated, thus you should get a reasonably constant reading.

Then introduce one of food type at a time, and check the blood sugar level 2 hours after eating (peak time) – it’s all about getting to know YOUR body!

You will thus find certain foods throw your results off the charts, and others get it below.

Make a note and log it all!

Also make a note if you had any stressful occasions, it may be the stress rather than the food item that threw it off. You will start to see a very useful pattern that will help you to see where and how to do adjustments.

Once you know your body and what foods work best for you, you can then reduce the tests to once a day, in the morning. Still, log everything in a book and a chart.

Back to my client Peter, he was very seriously minded and willing to do whatever it took to manage his blood sugar and regain some of his potency. Sure, it was not like when he was in his 20’s and 30’s when he had full control over body during lovemaking, but he was nonetheless very pleased with the results of what I had advised him to do.

First of all he cut out most, if not all, of the starchy processed carbohydrates and focused on so-called low GI foods, foods with high fibre content.

My preferred recommendation for him is raw, completely uncooked and unprocessed vegetables, as it is living food, and the enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by the heat in the cooking process.

Enzymes are needed to break down food, aid the immune system and metabolism, so that the body can effortlessly assimilate its nutrients.

Enzymes are vital to the healing process in the body. No matter how many vitamins you pop, they will not benefit you that much if they had not been ‘worked on’ by enzymes!

Pasteurized fruit juice, for example, remains fresh for long shelf life because the enzymes have been destroyed by heat. So it is pointless to drink pasteurized vegetable or fruit juices out of cartons and think you’re doing something good for your body! There is no space here to go into details about the benefits of living raw foods and enzyme activities.

I recommended that he would gradually introduce more and more of his vegetables raw. Why? Well, as I said, I am not a medical doctor and I do know that with some people who have abused their bodies for years, their digestive systems are too weak to digest raw vegetables despite all their natural enzymes. So, just in case, I wanted Peter’s body to build up gradually to eating a maximum of raw veggies.

He found out, for example, that eating carrots raw gave him good results, whereas cooking them was like eating sugar cubes, to him.

Thankfully, Peter is a hobby cook, and his wife is a very enthusiastic and dab hand at cooking, too.

First thing, adding to their food processor, they bought themselves a juicing machine and started juicing their raw vegetables.

Green Smoothie 2 - 50%With juicing you will lose some of the fibre, but if you drink your vegetable juice within 15 minutes, you’ll benefit from all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals as if you were munching them.

They then set out to become very creative making all sorts of interesting dips and sauces out of raw veggies with herbs, spices, apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil, etc. to add to their chunked up raw veggies and quality cooked lean proteins.

They also learned how to add cinnamon to meals, enjoy a little dark chocolate with very high percentage of cocoa and as little sugar as he could stand; plus get out into the sunshine as much as possible to get adequate vitamin D, and other resourceful and creative ways of enjoying a new lifestyle.

He reported back that their love-life had also picked up considerably! He noticed that whenever his blood sugar was high the inevitable ‘droop’ occurred; it was directly related. In fact he could judge by his potency whether or not his blood sugar was high.

Now, it was not easy to implement all this, especially when he was on business trips. He had to learn to do forward thinking and use a lot of discipline to say ‘no’ to some foods and snacks he used to enjoy and everyone around him ate.

However, the result has been greater energy and a very satisfying intimate time with his wife. He thinks it is worth all the effort.


© Copyright Angelika Regina Heimann – inStrengths Ministries – The Journey Of Intimacy 2009. All Rights Reserved

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