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Prophetic Dream – Atmospheric Shifts

Friday, 20 February,2009


I am a dreamer, and most of my dreams, so far, appear to be personal or for those people immediately around me. The dream I had last night, however, appears to be beyond that.

The setting of the dream: I was inside a large house, a place I was familiar with in the dream. Looking outside the house was a non-built up area (no other houses in view) with an expansive, very large, pretty park like garden with lots of trees. Again, in the dream I seemed to have been familiar with that very large garden. Inside the house was another person (male, not identifiable outside the dream) who was just there not doing anything.

The dream started with me looking out of a large window after an exceedingly heavy downpour of rain. As I had known the pretty garden like landscape before the rain, I was very shocked what I saw now. (Shocked, not as in devastated, but shocked as in astounded, amazed).

The previously pretty landscape was unrecognisably wrecked and changed. The previously flat ground was now undulated and filled with water. The heavy rain had created countless large deep round craters of approximately 5 m in diameter which were now pools filled with water. In between the pools of water, there where small elevations of ground for the trees.

I was very aware of the crystal clear, clean air and very bright blue clear sky. The colours of were extremely vivid. Everything looked crisp, clear and clean, which is so typical after a cleansing downpour of rain.

I was so amazed and it seems that I was telling and describing all of this to that other person. I went off to fetch my camera to take a picture of this most incredible and completely wrecked and altered landscape.

However, no sooner did I get back to the window with my camera, the sky had changed outside. It was no longer the crisp blue sky after the rain. It was like heavy night had broken, casting a dark and ominous shadow over the entire land, which still had the large round water filled pools. It had become so dark, the sky was almost black, that I no longer could take a photograph and I was annoyed with myself not taking a picture of it immediately.

As I looked up at the dark, almost black sky, I noticed that it had extended inside the house, so, with the ceiling having vanished, there was no distinction between the sky outside and inside. It was uniformly one dark almost black sky.

I was amazed. As I kept on looking up, I was all of a sudden aware that the sky, a huge plate-sheet like flat layer, was slowly and slightly moving to and fro. Also I became aware of some openings. Through those openings I could see several more layers, one more layer that was almost as dark as the lowest, which was also slowly moving and shifting, which also had some openings. In between those dark layers and above them were glass crystal clear and entirely transparent layers which had the texture of gel, jelly, which did not move or shift but were totally alive and vibrant.

At one point I could see through several openings within the dark layers and saw the most brilliantly bright, sun drenched blue sky, glistening in its bright radiance.

I was then made aware that in those transparent, gel-like, layers angels were very busy tearing up the dark sky layers to create the openings. More and more openings slowly appeared in those heavy shifting and moving dark layers.

Again, I seemed to be the observer and narrator to that other person who seemed either unaware or dumb to it all. I kept saying to that person, “Look up and see”. Then I woke up.

I do not seem to have the full revelation of that dream yet (most is rather obvious), so I am asking anyone with prophetic dream interpretation to offer some suggestions, please.


As mentioned above, I sense that this dream is not a personal dream, nor meant for a particular body such as a church or ministry, but beyond to the Body of Christ.

So far, this is what I am gettings: When God does the outpouring stunning work and cleansing the atmosphere of our mind, understanding and surroundings, and His revelations of His truths make our familiar pretty landscape of understanding unrecognisable, we need to be ready to capture that, straight away, and not lose sight or walk away from it, as the enemy will come quickly to cast a dark shadow over it, especially the shadow of doubt. Never the less, the pools of water remain, as that is the work of the Holy Spirit, all the enemy can do is overshadow it with a seemingly impenetrable ‘lid’.

However, all we need to do is “look up and see”, fix our gaze on Him and see the salvation, the deliverance of the Lord, and watch the ministering spirits – the angels – busy reopening the clear view of His shining Glory. More to come as He graciously reveals.

His dreamer,

Signature - Angelika 80%

Did you find this post inspiring, informative, or interesting? Would you like to read more on this subject? Please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I find it such joy to read encouraging and loving words!

God bless!

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