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Relaxing Intimate Massage … to set the stage

Tuesday, 30 June,2009

massage 1

Either in workshops or when couples come to me for help, I coach them on various levels uniquely to their needs. Invariably the question comes up from the husband, “How do I relax my wife to the point where she will want to completely melt into bliss?”

My advice is always, take your time and thoroughly get to know each other and especially yourself. Women, but also men, tend to disconnect with their bodies in the daily humdrum of a hectic busy life. Lovemaking is usually rushed. Both kinda get a little of what they want … he gets a release, she experiences some cuddles for the romantic closeness she craves, and that’s it … till next time. Usually someone misses out and thinks ‘what’s the point of it all?!’ … well, that tends to be the woman….

Now, I fully realise that there are millions of highly satisfied wives out there, who could not be happier in their lovemaking with their hubbies!

Not all happily married couples need help and advice to get things out of a rut between the sheets; some just want to take things to higher levels of bliss in their lovemaking, and it’s those who come to me to seek advice.

There is so much I could share here out of years of working with couples and individuals which I will reserve for the book I am writing.
So, here on this blog, I will feature some little snippets and taster ideas and tips. More blog posts to come with that theme.

Let me start off with a massage. Most people like massages and it’s such a wonderful way to relax and connect with the body.

People tend to forget about their bodies, they become like vehicles that get them from A to B during the day. It gets cleaned up, fed, dressed, maybe it gets the benefit of physical exercises, but that’s more or less it. Then when it comes to lovemaking it’s just a quick genital action.

There is so much more that could be enjoyed. God created us with thousands of nerve endings that register pleasure, not just pain. The pain bit, unfortunately, we are all too familiar with, but the pleasure all over the body is seldom explored.

A warning to husbands, when you think you understand your wife’s body and what feels good to her, and you think you know that you know what ‘buttons to press’, you may find that she gets irritated and you’re thinking, ‘I can never please that woman’.

The beauty of a truly feminine woman is that each time you go on a new adventure with her. Different times of the day, or month she will feel differently. The more you explore and deeply enter into a discovery trail with her, the more it will enrich your life.

In fact the longer you’re married the more exciting, passionate and fulfilling it gets …. provided you know what to do, have the right attitude and love her the way she personally and very uniquely needs and desires to be loved. Yep, genuine love is the key ingredient here, else it all becomes just empty, meaningless techniques, and futile skills mastery, especially in the long run.

Let’s talk about this delicious massage.

It always helps to have a nice ambiance, e.g. music, candles, etc.
Now, I suggest you do that massage in three stages: 1st dry, 2nd feather, and 3rd oil.

The dry massage is very gentle, almost hovering with your hands without tickling, plus add some gentle tapping with your fingers (think rain drops all over her body playing a delicate and yet passionate piano overture). That prepares the nerve cells in the skin for the feather massage.

Without stage one, the dry massage, the feather would tickle badly and irritate, however if you’ve gently prepared the skin nerve cells, the feather will feel exquisite. (if it tickles, you did not prepare that area well enough). You can extend the feather massage by using some gently perfumed body talc.

Here is a picture of the feather fan I use to teach couples this section.

Feather fan

Don’t rush things. Take your time to explore with different sensations. Then move onto the essential oil massage.

In all that you do, explore and get to know her body … well, she might not even know her body that well herself, so let her tell you, either by verbally saying yes or no, by her almost imperceptibly withdraw away from your hand or press into your hand, or by her gentle moans of pleasure.

If you like, you can request that lovely treatment from her to you.



© Copyright Angelika Regina Heimann – inStrengths Ministries – The Journey Of Intimacy 2009. All Rights Reserved

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God bless!

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Wednesday, 1 July,2009 10:27 pm

    Angelika I would like to offer a very warm hello

    I enjoyed your “Relaxing Intimate Massage” article. I have been married to my
    wonderful soul mate for almost 25 yrs. One great secret to our success has been keeping the Lord as the center cord of our relationship. What make a relationship the most intimate in my opinion is the little things. It is the morning devotions over a cup of coffee, the little love note left around the house, knowing that a little $3.00 teddy bear is preferred over flowers. Or noticing little changes… It is that quite understanding of eye communication that only we share. Those in the middle of the day phone calls or text messages just to say I love you… It’s knowing that the person you share your most intimate thoughts completely understands… These are some of the things in our marriage that at the end of the night heightens the level of intimacy. It is knowing in your heart that you are highly respected by your mate that makes you want them that much more… About 4 years ago, I almost lost my soul mate due to a simple blood test protocol being overlooked that led to him being misdiagnosed. At the peek of his illness, I was diagnosed with cancer, all of which God was more than gracious… We are both well now and needless to say, thinking we could not love one another any deeper- we found a depth of love only God understands…
    Thank you for your love letter and for allowing me to share my heart! My prayer is that this will also help others to see how precious life and relationships are and that neither should be taken lightly.

    Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage.
    Heb 13:4 (NLT)

    May God abound in His love and blessings toward you and yours
    In the deepest affection
    Rev Deb


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