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Geli & The Journey Of Intimacy

Geli Heimann – aka.Rev. Angelika Regina Heimann BSc. (Hons), MSc. BPsych

Itinerant Minister, Conference, Seminar and Workshop Speaker, Personal Consultant and Psychosexual Educator

Main website, please go to Journey Of Intimacy at – than you.

Rev. Heimann combines Christ-Centred Spirituality with Positive Psychology to assist

Rev. Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons) MSc Psych

couples or individuals seeking her advice to discover their unique personal strengths, build their faith, facilitate growth, learn skills to build positive emotions, optimism and resilience while decreasing unhelpful thinking, behaviours and emotions.

There are times when being in Leadership or position of responsibility is a lonely place. Who can you trust, especially if you’re a Christian in a secular organization or church ministry environment?

Whether you carry some stuff secretly that you might consider impossible to talk about, or you are in a great relationship, yet knowing there is so much more you would like to experience, there is a fantastic way forward and upward, and it’s all highly confidential with unconditional regard!

Angelika is a prophetic healing relationships revivalists. She is a minister to ministers, psychologist, speaker, educator, and confidante consultant for strategic organizational relationships in management, and for intimate couples to enrich marriages.

With an apostolic and prophetic mantle, a mother in the Body of Christ, minister and friend to ministers, and those left without fathers and mothers to lead the way, Angelika serves especially those in spiritual leadership, those in positions of authority, and anyone with influence.

Angelika has served for over 28 years in Christian ministry plus earned degrees in Psychology and Business Psychology with the emphasis on Relationship Growth particularly in Leadership. Her orientation is based on the discipline of “Positive Psychology” rather than “Clinical Psychology”.

Angelika seeks to impact and change the world around her at the nucleus of society: Relationships, especially Intimate Relationships.

Her experiences range from having pioneered and pastored a small church in Hong Kong, ministered in Germany, served as associate minister at a large church in London, lecturer and tutor at various Bible colleges, confidant consultant and advisor to spiritual leaders at multiple international churches and ministries.


inStrengths Ministries – The Journey of Intimacy serves as an international Christ centred Relationships coaching, and training ministry, as well as confidential personal consultancy integrating the prophetic and healing impartation of God’s Spirit with cutting-edge scientific research methods, skills and techniques.

Many have lost or buried their dreams, heartfelt desires and visions for fulfilling intimacy in their life.  Many have allowed their hearts to shut down due to pain, betrayal, abuse, or just plain deferred hope.

Many of us yearn to live in deep intimacy with our spouse as well as with the Lord, and long for that spiritual, psychological and sexual fulfilment.

To check out how we can help you either with workshops or confidential private coaching or consulting, please click here.

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  1. Saturday, 20 June,2009 8:31 pm

    Rev, Heimann, we would love to have you at this year’s NYC Human Sexuality Conference scheduled for August 15-16, 2009.

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